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Based out of Kerala in India, Idee Studio offers a gamut of interior design and creative interiors solutions- all under a single roof. Drawing upon a 360-degree perspective Idee's forte is about nurturing a client-centric approach. Idee is also known for cost-effective solutions by meeting the toughest challenge - quality. So in an overcrowded market place which is characterized by tall claims & great expectations Idee stands leagues apart by nurturing apractical yet aesthetically driven approach fulfilling the parameters of quality and timeliness.

From the Principal Designer

At Idee, we understand that designs should have 'the personal touch'. They should reflect the tastes and preferences of the client. Here we make sure that our team shares the dreams and expectations of the client and delivers the project in a personalized manner. Anything has a place in Idee, but not compromise on quality. To my mind, what makes Idee stand apart is a blend of aesthetics as well as realistic approach. When we are into a project, we work on it with our heart and soul. That's simply why we could think beyond and deliver

Prasad Pulikkodan
Idee Studio

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